TMSI Specialty Logistics is dedicated to partnering with Freight Forwarders throughout the country to handle the Inland Transportation for ocean imports and exports.

We arrange drays and transloads in and out of every port and rail ramp in the USA and Canada.

round-trip drays

From local to long-haul. We are particularly helpful with Volume FCL Lanes.


For both imports and exports. We handle the drayage, warehouse work, and over-the-road (OTR) trucking, including flatbeds, step decks & double drops.

TMSI Transport and Logistics truck trucking shipping shippers freight forwarders outbound truckloads brokerage warehousing
TMSI Transport and Logistics project freight proposal completion coordinator shipment lane business dispatch tracking track cargo

HOT shipments

Including Last Free Day (LFD), and impending Rail Cut or Port Cut.

project freight

TMSI locates and coordinates the best resources to handle projects from proposal to completion.

The dedicated service of TMSI's Operations Coordinators is what sets us apart.

TMSI Transport and Logistics TIA member transportation intermediaries association performance certified
  • A designated coordinator takes care of every shipment or lane for you and your office.
  • With TMSI, you always know who you are working with and who is dispatching and tracking your cargo.
  • We troubleshoot to avoid issues or unnecessary accessorial charges.
  • Our outstanding communications includes automated updates every step of the way.¬†


 TMSI appreciates the opportunity to offer you our rate quote and service.

Questions? Call Diane Clancy, Logistics Specialist, at 716-362-0081.